Too busy to review your own mortgage? I can do it in 15 minutes.

October 11, 2017
Marvin Coleman

I get it! Reviewing your mortgage can be a bit like going to the know you should buuuut......

Let me help you.  My typical clients are hardworking professionals, who look for likeminded advisors to help make their life simple and effective.  Some of my clients own just their own home; many are also property investors. I'm an award winning Mortgage Broker; I'm also a Chartered Accountant.

Let's start simply.  As this year's mortgage rate winners are Owner Occupiers, let me do a 15 minute Home Loan Healthcheck for you.  My recent refinancers have saved an average of $2,000 pa.  At best, I can find you a better mortgage.  At worst, you'll have done your homework and will know you're on the best rate for now.

To start your 15 minute Home Loan Healthcheck, just email me a screenshot of your latest mortgage statement, showing the lender, balance owing and current interest rate. You can scrub out your name and address for privacy if you prefer, just leave the postcode.  I can call or email you to outline the options. If not, at least you'll know you're on the best rate for now.

Cheers, Marvin Ph 0431 376 008

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