What are your 2017 plans? Here's how to finance them.

January 03, 2017
Marvin Coleman

My plans for the year are normally starting to take shape by now...I guess our holiday in W.A. was too relaxing, as I haven't set anything in place yet.  Hopefully you've done a bit better than me and have already set some goals for 2017!

The thing about plans is that sometimes you don't yet have the cash to fund them.  While everyone knows about mortgages, sometimes another type of loan is more relevant to your needs.  It might be easier, faster or more appropriate to your circumstances to get than a mortgage. 

  • Personal loans.  This is a typically a smaller loan than a mortgage and can be used to finance any number of things, such as renovations to a home, medical or cosmetic procedures, consolidation of debt (perhaps to a better interest rate or for slower repayments), or a 'life event' (such as a wedding, trip of a lifetime etc).  There's often a minimum amount (eg $20,000) and a range of interest rates and repayments
  • Car Finance.  For  buying a new or used car.  There's often a minimum amount (eg $10,000) and a range of interest rates and repayments.   I can get you a pre-approval (so you know how much you can spend before you go car shopping) or a competitive quote from our panel of over 20 lenders once you've bought.
  • Asset Finance.  For buying other assets, either personally (eg boat, jetski, computer equipment etc) or for your business (work tools, fitout, point of sale systems, dentist chairs, you name it).    
  • Commercial Finance.  Loans for your business, be it to finance cash flow, payroll, stock, etc


I can help you find the best finance for any of these personal or business plans.  Remember, meeting with me is like meeting with over 20 lenders at once.  See here for the lenders I review to find the best loan for you.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me, if I can assist with finance for your 2017 plans.

Cheers, Marvin 

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