What would you do with an extra $2000, every year?

August 30, 2017
Marvin Coleman

What would you do with an extra $2000 each year? In the first year I'd probably save some, spend some....maybe on a road bike for my boys.

As discussed in my last video, there are currently some great products and rates for Owner Occupiers who want to refinance.  Quite a few of my clients have refinanced in the last 4-6 weeks.  They're saving around $2,000 pa.  Yes there can be fees associated with refinancing,  but in some cases the lender has even covered those, with plenty of change to spare. 


How could refinancing benefit you?

1.  Savings.  In a 15 minute "Home Loan Health Check" call with me, we can review your current interest rate, to see if we can find a lower rate for you.

2.  Certainty.  A fixed rate can give you the benefit of certainty - you know exactly what your repayments will be for the period, even if interest rates change.

3.  Different Loan Features.  Maybe your existing loan doesn't offer features that you now want eg offset facility?

4.  Consolidate debts.  Would you like to consolidate other debts, such as credit cards or personal loans, into your mortgage to reduce your interest rate and monthly repayments.  I'm recommending these debts be on a lower interest rate, not on a longer repayment time frame.

5.  Renovation or Investment Plans.  Would you like to unlock equity in your home to finance a renovation, or to free up capital for a property investment?


If you'd like to discuss refinancing, please contact me to book a In a 15 minute "Home Loan Health Check" phonecall .  With a screenshot of your current mortgaeg balance and interest rate and an understanding of your objectives, I can quickly assess if there might be a better mortgage for you.

Cheers, Marvin Ph 0431 376 008

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