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Refinance your Home Loan or Mortgage, for better terms

The home loan industry is like many others (eg energy, telecomms etc) - you often have to change provider to get the best deal.  

"Refinancing" is when you bring your existing mortgage or home loan to a new lender.  You'd typically do this to improve the interest rate or other key terms of your mortgage.  This should bring you savings or some other advantage that helps you...and who doesn't want that?

Refinancing might sound like a pain.  It's our job to make the experience as painless for you as possible, by finding the best new loan for your circumstances and handling the paperwork and lender chasing. 

We'll search across more than 35 lenders, including the big 4 banks, to find the right home loan for you.

To start with, just Book a Call for a 15 minute Home Loan HealthCheck at a time that suits you.

I look forward to helping you. 

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Benefits of Refinancing:

There can be many benefits associated with refinancing, including:

Benefit 1: Refinancing your mortgage can lower your monthly repayment

Refinancing may let you take advantage of the lower interest rates or sharper loan products currently on offer. If your financial and/or lifestyle situation has changed since taking out your loan, refinancing to a new lender and/or loan could potentially allow you to benefit from savings suchs as lower interest rates, fewer fees, additional benefits, etc.

Benefit 2: The total interest paid on your mortgage could be reduced

While it depends on the loan terms, the costs of refinancing and also the interest rate that you receive when you refinance, it is still possible for you to pay less in total interest. That said, it is important to be thorough with your calculations of the costs associated with refinancing and calculate your total payments to forge an accurate picture.

Benefit 3: You can pay your mortgage off faster

You may find yourself in a situation where you are making significantly more income than you did when you bought your home. Paying more on your mortgage each month is not always allowed according to the loan terms, so refinancing could be the ideal option for you. Choose a lower term to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Benefit 4: Refinancing lets you unlock the equity in your home

A major benefit of refinancing is that it allows you to access the equity in your home. You can get a line of credit based on the value of your home and the amount that you've already paid on your mortgage. This is a great way to fund home renovations, pay for university costs or make an essential big-ticket purchase. The interest rate is equal to your mortgage rate, so borrowing from the equity in your home tends to be the most cost-effective financing option available to homeowners.

Benefit 5: Consolidate your debts

Refinancing can help you to consolidate debts such as a personal loan, car loan or or credit card onto your mortgage , thereby making it easier to manage your finances. 

If you’re considering refinancing your home loan, your next destination should be to read the Mortgage Choice Refinancing FAQ.  Should refinancing be right for your situation, or you have more questions unique to your situation, please contact me.


Remember, there is no cost to you for my mortgage broking and home loans service, as I am paid by the lender. 

We have lots of other resources to help you on your home loan journey. It depends what you're after!  Get the ball rolling, give me a call today!


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