What to do when you are looking for a property in Macarthur

May 26, 2014
Melanie O'Connell

A client recently asked me how they would get started investigating the impact of current planned development on their next owner occupied property purchase in the Macarthur region and here are my suggestions...  I hope you find them useful;


1. Like Mortgage Choice - Melanie O'Connell Facebook page.  You will receive notification regarding localised developments that you will find useful when searching for your next purchase.


2. Investigate what's happening with the airport, the best website I have found is The Australian Government's Sydney Aviation Strategy.  


3. Check out the Sydney Growth Centres websites, this holds a lot of details regarding land releases from the NSW government.


4. Once you'd narrowed down your search to a specific location review the local Council website, if you need further clarification telephone and make an enquiry.


5. I also strongly recommend taking a trip to the location where you are seeking to buy. Investigate things like schooling, food and other types of shopping, transportation services as these will all be very important for future convenience.

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