How can I add more money back into our pocket?

June 10, 2014
Melissa Burt

Do you often wonder, where does all our money go? We earn good money! Why don't we have more to show for it? Where does it go? And .....

How can I add more money back into our pocket?

The answer can be as simple as reviewing your home loan. Here's how:

If you haven't reviewed your home loan for a while, chances are you are on a higher interest rate. Lets say your current home loan interest rate is 5.88% and that you owe $250k

If you refinanced this home loan to a lower interest rate, for example 4.84%, your repayments would be a staggering $160 less each month !!!

I did this for a client of mine and the $160 she saved each month was enough to pay her childs monthly school fees so she was able to start saving for a holiday. She was so pleased.

Another option is to refinance to a lower rate and keep your repayments the same as they are now which can save years off your loan term. In the above example you could reduce your loan term down by 6 years and 8 months and save approx $112,000 in interest over a 30 year term!! 

I can help you to achieve this and the process is simple.

I compare up to 27 lenders for you, will negotiate a competitive rate with the lender to get you a great deal, I do all the paperwork and my service is at no cost to you.

If you want more money back in your pocket, call me today, on 0403 382 327 to discuss refinancing your home loan.

Example based on $250k loan over a 30 year term at 5.88% vs a $250k loan over a 30 year term at 4.84% with $600 factored in to cover refinance fees.

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