Reality Check!! Even Mortgage Brokers need to review their own home loan.

November 17, 2015
Melissa Burt

It's like the old saying goes, a painter is the last one to have their house painted and a carpenter, the last one to have their pergola built!   Well ... Even Mortgage Brokers need to review their home loan.

Today, my own home loan rate went up from 4.42% to 4.6%.  Yes I was acutely aware that rates were going up this week, but now that it has happened, it is quite a reality check.  

Many of the banks will be increasing their rates on Thursday.  Is your lender one of them?  Is your rate going up? How much will it increase by?

My repayment has increased by $32 a month. That's $384 a year!

What to do?  Well I am not going to stand by and let that money slip through my fingers.  It is time to act.  It is time to refinance and it is time to find a better home loan for my family.

Fortunately with over 300 home loans to choose from,  I am able to refinance back down to a very good rate of 4.04% with an exceptionally good lender. This is a variable rate home loan, with an offset account and no annual package fee for the life of the loan and an incredibly  low rate of 4.04%pa.

I will save $1022 in the first year and $2,673 by year two and this is after I have taken in to account any fees to refinance. I will also cut 2 years and 4 months off the loan term by paying the same repayments I am paying now, based at the low rate of 4.04%

So instead of the rate rise costing me money, I am going to save money.

This is one of the 300+ home loans we have on offer at Mortgage Choice and it is a real cracker !!

Don't sit on your hands and do nothing. You owe it to yourself and your family. It really is time to act. Let me show you how.
Call me on 0403 382 327 and feel good about having your finances in order.

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