Home loan and property tips and strategies

Most people miss this simple way to save money on your home loan.

Historic low interest rates could be great for existing home buyers. Owning a home is the Great Australian dream, but  your home loan repayment is often the households biggest monthly bill. With the ..

NOW is a great time to consider refinancing.

Interest rates in Australia are at historic lows so it really is a great time to look at refinancing your home loan. A review of your loan may highlight that is no longer right for your needs and you..

Free home loan health check - $5k Christmas shopping spree

When you find that dream home all you want to do is settle in and enjoy not having to spend your weekends attending endless inspections. With a home loan in place it's easy to set and forget - let's ..

30 tips for first home buyers part 2

#11 Consider your options - family guarantee? If you have the income to make loan repayments but are still struggling to get a deposit together, a family guarantee may be an option. For example, if ..

30 Tips for first home buyers part 1

 #1 Get your finances in order Lenders will look at your credit history and any existing debts when assessing your ability to make repayments. For credit cards, they look at the limit on the card so ..

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