NOW is a great time to consider refinancing.

October 23, 2017
Michael Bloomfield

Interest rates in Australia are at historic lows so it really is a great time to look at refinancing your home loan.

A review of your loan may highlight that is no longer right for your needs and you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

For example if you have a loan of $300,000 and an interest rate of 5% refinancing to a rate of 4.75% could save more than $16,000 in interest over a 30 year term.

If you are paying more than 4% on your home loan, now is the perfect time to see if you can save.

Research the options

The rate is important of course, but there are other factors such as fees and charges and the type of loan that best suits your needs. Reviewing all of these factors means you can be comfortable you are making the right decision.

I can help with this

As a professional mortgage broker I can show you the real cost of refinancing and how much you can save.

I offer a free Home Loan Health Check to determine if your current loan is still the most suitable for your needs by researching hundreds of loans from the more than 20 lenders on the Mortgage Choice panel.

And if you book your free Home Loan Health Check with me before 5th December, you could go into the draw to WIN a $5,000 Christmas shopping spree.

Book your free Home Loan Health Check today on 0412 973 386.

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