Using a Mortgage Broker

With so many credit providers to choose from, you may decide to visit a mortgage broker for advice and to give assistance in selecting the right product, package or special deal for you.  Here at Mortgage Choice Camberwell, we have been assisting our clients for over a decade in selecting a lender from our panel of 28. 


When engaging the services of a mortgage broker, you should check with ASIC to confirm that the broker is licensed to offer credit advice and assistance with a trustworthy reputation.   Ensure that you ask about any fees that might be charged to you upfront or ongoing, by either the mortgage broker or your chosen lender.  Ask your mortgage broker for the most competitive loan – Mortgage Choice Camberwell understands that the interest rate is an important feature for many of our clients. 


How does a mortgage broker work?  As licensed brokers, we are the “go to contact” between you and the lender.  We negotiate with banks, credit unions and other credit providers on your behalf to arrange your home loan.   Whilst organising your loan, we can also assist with setting up appropriate bank accounts and in some cases, new credit cards with your new lender.   At Mortgage Choice Camberwell, we do all of the legwork for you and take the stress out of applying for a mortgage. 


Mortgage Choice mortgage brokers will not charge you a fee for performing these services.  We receive a commission directly from the lender and we always provide you with written evidence of the fee that Mortgage Choice will receive for writing any loan.


A good mortgage broker will not leave you at settlement.  Here at Mortgage Choice Camberwell, we understand that your circumstances will change over time and as such, we offer our services to change products, increase the loan amount or refinance your loan to another lender.  Our website has many useful calculators to assist with some of the costs associated with home loans.  Click here for calculators.


You may also be interested in another blog on our Mortgage Choice Camberwell website noting fixed vs variable interest rates.  Fixed vs Variable.


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