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Property E-guides | Camberwell, Canterbury & Balwyn

If you're new to the home loan journey or you just want a bit of extra info, download your free property e-guide from Mortgage Choice Camberwell & Canterbury. Whether your a first home buyer, investor or thinking about refinancing, we've got the e-guide for you. 

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Step by step Guide to property ownership | Camberwell & Canterbury

There are many steps involved in the property buying process, some of which can differ depending on the type of property you're buying. There's a lot to consider. That's why the team at Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury put together this handy e-guide, to walk you through the process, step by step.

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Factsheet: The HomeBuilder Cash Grant | Camberwell & Canterbury

If you're looking to renovate or build a new home, the HomeBuilder cash grant cold be a great wait to boost your funds. WIth $25,000 up for eligible applicants, the HomeBuilder grant was announced by the government in July 2020 to help support the residential building industry. Download our free factsheet from the Mortgage Choice team in Camberwell, Canterbury & Glen Iris. Read more about the HomeBuilder Grant.

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Guide to buying your first home | Camberwell & Canterbury

There's a lot to think about when buying your first home. The e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury covers the entire home buying process from getting pre-approval through to settlement (and some glossary words too!).

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Factsheet: The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme | Camberwell & Canterbury

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme enables first home buyers to get into their new home with just a 5% deposit. This could also help first home buyers avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Download our free factsheet on the FHLDS from the Mortgage Choice team in Camberwell, Canterbury & Glen Iris. Click here to read more about the scheme.

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Guide to Guarantors | Camberwell & Canterbury

If you're buying your first home you'll know how hard it is to put together the cash required. A guarantor might be a great way for you to get into your home soon. Find out more about guarantors, who they are and how they can help with our free e-guide Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury. 

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Guide to Refinancing | Camberwell & Canterbury

You may have heard about the benefits of refinancing, but not really understand what it's about and how it can help. Our e-guide from the team at Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury will talk you through the common reasons why people choose to refinance, the benefits, the potential costs & more.


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Guide to Investing in Property | Camberwell & Canterbury

House or unit? Positive or negative gearing? Fixed vs variable rate? When it comes to buying an investment property, these questions will be important in making sure your investment is working hard for you. This e-guide from Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury will talk you through the answers to help you make a more informed decision.

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Guide to buying your next home | Camberwell & Canterbury

If you're thinking about buying your next home to upgrade your property, move locations or simply make room for your growing family, the e-guide on buying your next home from Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury if for you! We'll cover the different finance options available - such as loan top-ups & bridging finance - and what the pros and cons are.

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Factsheet: The costs associated with buying a property | Camberwell & Canterbury

While a property purchase starts with saving a deposit, when it comes time to buy there are a lot of other costs to consider. THings like moving costs, insurance and taxes will add a fair amount to your purchase costs. Find out what the basic additional costs are with our free Facthseet from the team at Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury. Do some quick sums with our home loan calculators.

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Factsheet: The different types of home loans | Camberwell & Canterbury

There are hundreds of different home loans out there and wide range of different types. When it comes to choosing your home loan - it's important to choose the type & structure that's going to suit you, your life & your budget. Find out more with our Factsheet: 'Different types of home loans' from Mortgage Choice in Camberwell & Canterbury.

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