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Investing in property can be a great way to earn extra money or build up some capital gains for the future. But the wrong investment loan can eat away at your returns. Let Mortgage Choice Werribee help!

Why is the investment loan so important?

There is a lot you can do with your investment loan, from structuring it to match your investment strategy to selecting loan features that will get your money working harder for you. When selecting an investment loan it's so important to use a mortgage broker who have access to a range of different loan products & lenders. 

It also helps to know exactly which lenders like to finance investment properties, what the restrictions are and how you can get the best deal. The team at Mortgage Choice Werribee are across what lenders like investment finance & who have the best features.

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Using equity in your home to invest

Using the equity you have already built up can make property investment more accessible & affordable. If you've already made some significant payments off the principle amount of your current home loan, you could have valuable equity in your home loan - ready to invest! Find out more in our video below.

Find out more about investing in property

Investing your hard earned dollars into an investment property is a big step. So we want you to have as many resources as needed to help you make that decision. Use any of our resources below to get some basic information on property investment.

Let us help you!

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