How to save for a home loan deposit

You’ve made your decision – you want to stop renting and get on the property ladder so the first step is saving for a deposit. Your home deposit is viewed as ‘your contribution’ to the purchase price of the property you wish to buy.

You’ll need to aim for at least 5% but the greater your deposit – the more you will save. Set a realistic budget – and stick to it .. you can only save money if you spend less than you earn. Start with cutting down on expenses using a budget planner. This will help you watch your savings build and keeps you on top of what you are spending. Keep your savings separate and set up a separate deposit account, as it greatly decreases the temptation to dip into it for an impulse buy.

There are lots of little ways that you could save, so think about them. Cook at home more often, invest in a coffee machine etc and at the end of each month, you may be surprised. Why not have a look at the Mortgage Choice savings target calculator to see how much you could save?

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