What's so special about super?

What’s so special about Super? Everything - after all, it’s your money for the future! 

During your working life, your employer makes contributions to your Super fund. You can also choose to make your own contributions, which can help grow your nest egg over time. Even small additional contributions can grow to something big helping to provide you with money to last you through your retirement years.

And, even though you don’t have access to your Super until later in life, you can still choose how you’d like to invest it along the way. Then, when you do retire, you can access your Super savings to help you pay for everyday expenses as well as for the extra fun things that matter to you like taking a world trip, renovating your home or exploring new hobbies.

Sorting out your Super is critical to helping you live the life you want in retirement, and it’s never too early to start. Talk to one of our trained financial advisers about how they can help you make the most out of your Super. 

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