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It's time for a home loan health check!

If you’ve had a home loan for a few years now, it is worth getting in touch with us to review your finances to see how much you could potentially save. As your local home loan expert in Melbourne, Max has access to hundreds of loans from a wide choice of leading lenders, including Australia’s big banks and a selection of specialist lenders.

Using a Mortgage Broker can give you access to a range of different home loan products, and they know all the ins and outs of each of these and can recommend the perfect one for you.

This is different than going directly to the bank, as a bank can only offer you its own range of products, meaning you may not be getting the best product available on the market.

Benefits of a home loan health check

  • Securing a lower rate
  • Changing to a fixed interest rate
  • Changing to a variable interest rate
  • Switching to a different lender
  • Changing to a more basic loan
  • Consolidate debts or to
  • Access equity in your current home

If you would like to explore this option for yourself, then please reach out to Mortgage Choice Broker Max O'Sullivan. Call him on 0477 886 121.

Has your financial situation changed? Are you considering purchasing more property or planning to renovate your current home - these are really valid reasons to assess your refinancing options. If your focus is on investment, refinancing can be a fantastic tool to support your long-term plans.

As your mortgage broker, Max will expertly guide you through the options to help you achieve your goals. To learn more about refinancing, take a moment and watch our short video.

Want more information?

If you would like to do some of your own research first, make sure you check out our home loan resources below!

To arrange an appointment, please call Max on 0477 886 121.

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