Cover your most important asset... You!

As you all know we can assist our clients with a number of services. Not only mortgages but car loans, home and contents insurance, health insurance and of course Income Protection.

It still amazes me the Australian culture of making sure the $15,000 family car is insured without fail every year, but when it comes to protecting the priceless asset of "you" clients are reluctant.

If you look at everything you own it’s a safe bet that the one item that makes the most money each week is you. Yes the house appreciates in value… but it can’t buy groceries and fuel. Yes you may have the old classic muscle car in the garage that is worth more today than when it was first purchased… but it won’t pay the school fees or the soccer registration for the kids, or even for that coffee on the way to work.

You are your own cash flow, you are the reason there is money in bank account each week and you are the person responsible for making sure the kids are safe, well fed and have a roof over their head …… so one question. If you have a car accident today why is it OK that you have insured the car but not yourself?!

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