Financial planning myths busted

There’s no denying there are many benefits associated with seeing a financial adviser. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions surrounding financial advice, which ultimately stops people from booking in that first appointment.

I don’t need to see an adviser - I can manage my own finances

Managing your finances can be tough even if you have sound financial knowledge. Sure, you can find a wealth of information on the internet, which is a great starting point if you’re looking for advice. However, nothing beats the expertise and experience of a qualified financial adviser who can give you tailor-made strategies to suit your goals and needs.

I don’t have enough assets to warrant seeing an adviser

You don’t have to own property, have shares, earn a high income or even have a great deal of savings to warrant seeing a financial adviser. A financial adviser can offer advice across a range of areas, including how to maximise your earnings, budgeting, minimising tax, and planning for your retirement.

A financial adviser will only help me with my investment strategies

Investments are but one of the many financial matters that financial advisers can help you with – alongside budgeting, insurance, retirement, taxes and wealth creation. A good adviser will look at the complete picture of your financial health and help you understand how and where you can make better choices.

I’m too young to see a financial adviser

Many young Australians believe financial advice is only relevant for anyone reaching retirement age. The reality is, by that time, it's often too late to make a real impact on your finances. Knowledge is power and, in the case of financial literacy, the more you know, the greater control you’ll have over your money. Financial advice offers immense value at all life stages and circumstances, whether you're getting married, buying a property, starting a family, or changing jobs.

Financial advice is too expensive

One of the reasons people avoid seeing a financial adviser is because they believe they are too expensive. However, when you consider the long-term benefits for your financial wellbeing, financial advice is well worth the cost – especially when you look at the savings you may gain.

At Mortgage Choice, we understand the concerns around cost of advice. That’s why we have a transparent and consistent pricing structure that tells you exactly what you’ll get for your money so you’re always in control.

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