CHOICES Spring 2018

What a complex world we live in.

Last year, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) introduced initiatives that saw interest rates for investment loans rise. Yet , the RBA has now noted that it’s “game on” again for investment lending, with some lenders cutting their rates.

It goes to show that the world of money never stands still – and that’s why your home loan shouldn’t be a ‘set and forget’ product.

The new financial year is always a good time to review your mortgage. And a home loan health check can show in just a few minutes if you still have the right mortgage for your needs, or if you could do better.

It’s possible your lifestyle has changed over the past year, and your home loan isn’t keeping pace. Whatever the case, we make things easy, doing all the legwork and completing the paperwork on your behalf at no cost to you.

To make the world of money just a little less complex, this edition of CHOICES looks at a number of issues our customers often ask about such as setting your investment goals, whether houses or units offer better investment opportunities and tips on being debt free by retirement.

Things can change quickly in the market.

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