Fun family traditions to start today

With Christmas just around the corner, now's the perfect time to start some family traditions to celebrate the festive season.

Fun family traditions to start today

It’s a great opportunity to bring the family together and create wonderful memories for many years to come.

To get your creative juices going, here are five ideas that are simple, fun and sure to bring a smile to every face.

Count down the days until Christmas

Everyone looks forward to the arrival of Christmas, and you can make it even more exciting with the use of Advent calendars. You can buy these from department stores, or you can make them extra special by creating them by hand. For example, if you have some wall space, you may wish to hang 25 paper bags, each numbered from 1 to 25 and containing fun and delicious goodies. Every day until Christmas, your kids can open one bag and enjoy the treats inside.

Set up the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree will become the focal point in your home and the whole family will enjoy the process of setting it up and making it look fantastic. Let every family member add their personal touch by hanging up their favourite ornament.

Bake treats with the kids

Peel your kids away from the TV and electronic devices and have them join you in the kitchen for an afternoon or morning of baking delicious treats. There are many sweets that you can create, such as gingerbread houses, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and brownies. You can create shapes by using cookie cutters and decorate them with sprinkles and coloured icing.

Make Christmas cards

Hand-made Christmas cards are not only lovely gifts, but they can be fun for children of all ages to make. Get your supplies together and be as adventurous as you want. For starters, make sure you have scissors, glue, cardboard, coloured paper, textas and decorative pieces such as stickers, glitter and ribbons.

Secret Santa

For families with children in their teens or older, Secret Santa can be a fun tradition. Each member of the family secretly buys a gift for another person. This can be a lot of fun and a great way to alleviate the stress of organising multiple gifts. Put everyone’s name in a hat and have each individual draw out the name of the recipient. Don’t forget to set a budget for gifts and establish any rules if it is necessary.

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