5 Steps to smash credit card debt

Almost 60% of Australians owe money on their credit card, with over one-third facing card debt of $5,000 or more.

With notoriously high interest rates, credit card debt isn’t just expensive. It can also be hard to pay off. Try our five simple strategies to clear the slate sooner.

5 steps to smash credit card debt


Check your card rates - card interest rates can be higher than 20% p.a. On an outstanding balance of $5,000 you could pay $1,000 in annual interest charges.


Consider a balance transfer – balance transfer deals charge zero (or very low) interest for a set period on amounts transferred to a new card. It’s a valuable chance to whittle away card debt. We can explain which balance transfer deals are right for your needs.


Review your budget – one of the simplest ways to pay off card debt is by paying more than the monthly minimum. Talk to our team about drafting a budget that shows where you can cut back spending to free up cash for extra repayments.


Use a personal loan to pay off your card - using a personal loan to pay out card debt can reduce the overall interest cost, and the set monthly repayments are easier to budget for. We can sort through our range of lenders to help you secure a competitive rate for your personal loan.


Reach for a debit card – debit cards offer the security and convenience of credit cards but with none of the high interest costs. Leave the credit card at home and reach for a debit card when you’re out shopping to stay out of trouble with credit card debt.

Don’t let credit card debt stress you. Contact us for more money-saving ways to free yourself from card debt.

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