Money Chat Summer 2018

Happy New Year – and welcome to your summer edition of MoneyChat!

The flip of a calendar is always a good time to give yourself a fresh financial head start. In this edition of MoneyChat we offer a smorgasbord of ideas to help you do just that.

Start by taking a look at my rear-vision view of the year that was with 2017 - a year in review . It’ll take you back across the highs and lows of 2017 to give you food for thought as you start to map out the year ahead.

Don’t miss the Beware the bitcoin bubble article. As more of my clients ask ‘should I invest in bitcoin?’ it’s clear there is plenty of misinformation on this complex and highly volatile cryptocurrency. In this article, we explain what Bitcoin is, why it continues to grow in value, and whether or not it could be considered a sensible investment.

No parent can afford to miss the Is it time for mum and dad to tighten the purse strings? Good intentions can quickly unravel when it comes to helping out our adult kids, and I offer four key questions to ask before you loosen the purse strings.

And if you’ve ever struggled to reach your financial goals, check out our Financial decisions article. What’s really controlling our choices? It sheds valuable light on the way brain barriers can hold us back from financial goals. Is it a question of mind over money matters? Read on to find out.

Things can change quickly in the market.

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