Experiencing Budget Bulge? Consider a Home Loan Health Check

February 17, 2014
Deborah Cloake

Keeping the bulge at bay in all areas apart from your mortgage? Now is as good a time as any to get your finances in better shape.  Managing rather than simply maintaining it is sure to put your mind and budget in better shape. You know, it may be as simple as a home loan health check! Further interest rate rises will impact your minimum repayments if you have a variable rate home loan, which could make budgeting a challenge. This is why moving to another loan or restructuring the one you have may save money, time and stress.  Borrowers may be surprised by how much they could save through refinancing to a loan with lower fees and/or a lower interest rate, which can be a great way to deal with further rate rises. Moving to a product that is cheaper overall, or has improved features, definitely has its benefits. However, you need to understand the switching and exit fees and ensure the advantages outweigh the costs. “If you were offered an extra $100 every week for doing one task once, you'd take it... so why not take the time to visit a reputable mortgage broker and see if you can save yourself a chunk of money through finding a better deal. Shopping around now can pay off in the long run and you don’t even have to work up a sweat!”. Ahead of imminent rate rises, refinancing can be a smart way to better manage your money and revisit your expectations for the year ahead.  A regular home loan health check is a great way to keep on track. Every borrower should be doing this at least every couple of years to make sure they are making the most of their mortgage money. A reputable mortgage broker can easily compare your current loan to hundreds on the market, saving you time, hassle and possibly a whole lot of dollars.   Contact me now to arrange your free home loan health check.

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