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July 15, 2016
Paddy O'Sullivan

Home Loans Nowra

Of course the freedom of over 25 lenders and being able to compare and choose the best rates availaible is one of the most valuable attributes of being a good mortgage broker however the the benefits of using a mortgage broker as oposed to going directly to a financial institution go further.

A good mortgage broker can make finance work in any situation. Why? Because we have 25 lenders to compare and 25 sets of policy to choose from. This suits circumstances most situations. For example

A young couple, dual incomes, no debt, will have the choice of nearly any lender, lets compare all and find the lowest interest rate and the lowest set of fees.

The same couple 4-5 years later, would like to refinance their home to renovate the bathroom and kitchen. That lowest rate lender doesn't like the fact that mum is now working school hours, lets refinance to a lender who does!

Fast forward another year down the track and the couple have spoted a well valued investment property lets find a lender whom is comfortable with funding.

The story continues, self employed, credit file issues, casual employment, tax debts differn't lenders have differn't policies. Trust us at Mortgage Choice South Coast, we will find a lender that best suits your situation and help make it work. Suite 5 Rodway Arcade, 118 Junction Street Nowra 2541. 02 4422 4062 your Home Loans Nowra, Mortgage Brokers Nowra,.

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