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September 15, 2014
Eddie Borg

Comparative Market Analysis

About this Report:

There is nothing more important than working out how much a property is worth. Undersell or overpay by too much and you will lose! All too often we allow our emotions to rule buying or selling and we fail to do the very thing we know is required: make sure we are getting value for our asset!

The Residex Report will give you the Residex price estimate for a property as well as providing you with all the information required to make your own educated analysis. It provides you with a list of sales in close proximity to the property indicated and includes upgraded sale prices for each of the properties - an important tool in the market and a one-of-a-kind feature unique to Residex.

Who should use this Report?

This Report is suitable for investors, homeowners, buyers, sellers, market followers, bankers, real estate agents and valuers.

What do I receive?

 Each Residex Report contains:

  • The Residex Right Price Estimate;
  • Supporting test information;
  • Sales history for the property;
  • Last sale information plus capital growth figure; ( if available )
  • Suburb median value;
  • Suburb rental return;
  • Range of values in the street;
  • List of recent comparable sales with upgraded sale values;
  • The suburb's average past growth over 20 years;
  • The suburb's predicted growth over the next 8 years; and 
  • The suburb's demographics.

 Remember profits are made at purchase when you purchase at or below value.

To receive a free copy of your report contact our office on  (03) 9748 7999 or email to request a free report valued at $65.

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