Investment Property Tips

September 18, 2014
Eddie Borg

Are you looking to future proof your wealth? Buying an
investment property can help you plan for tomorrow, now.
With property prices climbing steadily across Australia and
interest rates currently hovering around record lows, the
property market has never looked so enticing.
Further, with vacancy rates low and rents climbing, investment
properties are not only proving very lucrative for buyers, but
they are helping everyday Australians to kick-start a wealth
strategy. But these aren’t the only benefits associated with
buying an investment property.
Another associated benefit is that there are plenty of valuable
tax savings up for grabs. In fact, the tax benefits of a rental
property can make it surprisingly easy and affordable to
become a landlord.
Many of the costs of owning a rental property can be claimed
as a tax deduction through the system of ‘negative gearing’.
Even better, the tax savings on your rental property could trim
the tax bill on your regular wage or salary - and that means
more money for other things.
Some rental properties are ‘positively geared’- providing a
profit on rent from day one, and this too gives investors extra
cash for daily living.

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