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Free downloads | Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

Taking the step into buying your first home, investing in property or upgrading your home can be overwhelming. There's a lot to learn, especially when you're just starting out. Find out more about your next step by downloading a free e-guide or factsheet from Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing.

Step by step Guide to property ownership | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

The home loan process has lots of ins & outs, a few hurdles and heaps of paperwork! So before you get started, it's great to understand what to expect next. And don't worry - our team at Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit will help you through the entire process - you're not on your own! Download your e-guide to property ownership today - packed full of tips about home loans, the process & what's coming.

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Refinancing e-guide | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

As a home owner, it's important to review your home loan to see if there's a better deal out there. If there is, you can take advantage of it by refinancing your home loan. If you're not sure how - download our e-guide from Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit to find out more. When you're ready to get started, book a free home loan health check with our team.

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Property Investment e-guide | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

If your next step is investing in property, make sure to download our e-guide on Property Investment from the team at Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit. This guide covers all the things you need to know about investing, where to buy, whether to get a professional property manager, which home loans would suit and more! Do some quick sums with our mortgage calculators.

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Buying your first home e-guide | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

Congrats on starting the process of buying your first home! There's a lot of information to know from the type of home loan that's going to suit you through to building inspections & conveyancing. There's a lot to think about! To get started download our free e-guide from Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit about buying your first home. You may also want to do some quick sums with our home loan calculators.

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Upgrading your home e-guide | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

Buying your next home is an exciting step! And there are lots of great finance options available to you. You have likely built equity, you could keep your current home as an investment property, you might need bridging finance, loan portability & more. Download the e-guide from Mortgage Choice Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit to find out more about buying your next home.

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Building your new home e-guide | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

Building a new house is a great option when looking for your first home or next home. It means you can tailor the house to suit the family & needs. You can also build in the location that suits you. Construction home loans are very different to home loans for existing properties and it's important to know why. Download our e-guide on building your own home from the team in Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit.

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We're here to help after redundancy

We understand that redundancy can come as quite a shock. You may have questions about your finances like: what are my entitlements? what are the tax implications? how can I make the most of my payout? We are experts in helping people make the most of their redundancy payment, and ensure that you are making the most of your tax and future. 

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Factsheet: The different types of home loans | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

When you're choosing a home loan it's important that the home loan type matches your budget & your goals. To find out some basic information about the different types of home loans, download the factsheet from Mortgage Choice in Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit. When you're ready to explore available home loans for you - give us a call. 

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Factsheet: The costs of buying a property | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

If you're about to purchase a property - you might be wondering what other costs you will need to pay. The Mortgage Choice team in Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit have put together a factsheet of extra costs required.

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Factsheet: Fixed vs variable home loan rates | Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit

Fixed vs variable rates is a common questions amongst home buyers and first home buyers alike. Find out more about the difference between the two types with our free Facesheet from Mortgage Choice in Hoppers Crossing & Tarneit. Figure out what you can afford with our home loan calculator.

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