Can you Afford to Live Well with a Home Loan?

July 21, 2016
Amanda Paterson

If you are shopping around for a home loan, Mortgage Choice is here to help you learn about your lending options. 

Paul Holland of Mortgage Choice can help you sift through all the competition and make recommendations as to the best home loan lender for your financial goals and needs.

CUA home loans Penrith, is one of the lenders who work with Mortgage Choice.

 Mortgage Choice + CUA = Benefits for You

 Some of the CUA benefits to consider include:

 Competitive Loan Options/Rates

CUA offers its clients options for both fixed and variable rate loans.  These flexible options are both affordable and fit in well with your life circumstances.  By taking advantage of perks such as free redraw and offset accounts and no ongoing fees, you can secure a home loan that allows you room to breathe with your finances.

We can make it easy to do a side-by-side comparison, which shows you the features and benefits of each CUA home loan option so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.  By taking current circumstances, finances and long-term goals into consideration up-front, CUA can offer some real world options and solutions.

Tools and Support

CUA, home loans Penrith, is proud of their reputation of award-winning support and customer service.  Everyone at CUA shares a common goal of offering its clients a fair and affordable deal.

The focus at CUA is and always has been what they like to call "Life Rich Banking." 

You can also take advantage of the various on-line calculators to determine what it will take to achieve financial goals and other money management tools.

Credit Reporting

CUA provides clients with a comprehensive credit report.  By reviewing a copy of your credit report ahead of time, you know exactly where you stand in terms of past credit history.  This helps in making a decision as to what type of home loan will work best for your individual needs and what options are available to you.

By looking at an accurate picture of your current total income and expenses, in addition to your past credit history, a realistic and affordable loan repayment plan can be established.

Customer-owned Financial Institution

As a CUA customer, you're also a shareholder.  This benefit allows you to participate in governance, keep track of performance/developments and be a part in shaping the future of CUA.

With CUA, the profits go right back to its customers, resulting in more competitive rates and lower fees.  This is what better-value banking is all about.

Since 1946, CUA (home loans Penrith) continues to deliver real value to those looking to refinance or purchase their own homes. 

CUA is proud to offer a "more balanced way of banking," meaning that there is a real drive and passion to provide you with a home loan that allows you to enjoy living life as a homeowner. 

By considering CUA through your Mortgage Choice broker, you'll be sure to get a real understanding of what costs are included in the purchase of a home.  By factoring in everything from fees (Stamp Duty, legal, Lenders' Mortgage Insurance etc.), various inspections, connecting of utilities and moving, nothing will be overlooked or come through as a surprise.

By working with Mortgage Choice and a lender such as CUA, you will understand exactly how much of a home loan you can afford.  

To see if CUA (home loans Penrith) may be the right lender for you, call Paul Holland of Mortgage Choice 02 4789 0808.  Reach out with any questions online at


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