How our Penrith home loan service is free to you

March 16, 2017
Paul Holland

It’s rare to get something for nothing these days, and Penrith mortgage broker Paul Holland explains how he is paid to find the best home loans in Penrith - at no cost to you. Call Paul on 02 4789 0808 for full details, or read on to learn more. 

Using Mortgage Choice in Penrith to find your next home loan, doesn’t just mean having the loan that’s right for you at a competitive rate. One of the best parts of our home loan service is that it comes at no cost to you.

That’s because we are paid a commission by lenders. But unlike many other home loan brokers in Penrith, we receive the same rate of commission regardless of which loan you choose.

Paid the same

Our “paid the same” approach is important. It is our way of guaranteeing we will only recommend those loans best suited to your needs rather than the loan that pays the highest commission.

In fact, our paid the same philosophy sets us apart from many other brokers. So it’s worth speaking with myself and my team of local experts at Mortgage Choice in Penrith. Call me on 02 4789 0808 to see how we can help you secure your ideal loan at no cost to you.

We’ll come to you

We cover a wide area, and we can help no matter whether you are looking for a first home buyer loan in Glenmore Park, an investment loan in Springwood, or you’d like to refinance your Cranbrook home loan.

We understand you’re busy so we can meet with you at a time and place that suits your schedule. And yes, this part of service is free for you as well!

Call me, Paul Holland today on 02 4789 0808 to get started with your Penrith home loan.

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