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Paul Robinson

Protecting you and your family

Everyone knows the importance of insuring their home or car safguarding their family if something should happen.

But what would happen if you couldn't make your loan repayments? Or had a serious medical trauma?

Protecting your family and assets is so important. 

Do you have a plan B?

Financial planning means planning for those unexpected events, and protecting you, your family and your assets now and in the future. Financial planning can help you set up a plan B. 

Our business partner - Steel Lake Advisory Services can help you manage, grow and protect your wealth.

They will develop tailored step-by-step financial strategies and help you make informed decisions about your money.

As a Financial Consultant, Jace prides himself on having a trusting and honest relationship with his clients, to ensure they fully understand their financial strategy and to ultimately achieve their desired outcomes. Some of the things Jace Cordell can help you with include: 

Debt Reduction - This covers everything from cash flow management strategies, budget planning, reduce interest costs, to getting in a position to invest or purchase an investment property

Tax minimisation - We provide tax financial advice and always consider tax implications of our advice, and will recommend strategies to reduce tax when appropriate. Accountants look to the past, financial planners plan for the future- important to have both.

Wealth Creation - Let's get you in a position to invest, review superannuation investments/fees / consolidate, investment planning/structures, and retirement planning.

Risk Protection - Providing a tailored risk protection plan to cover assets, income, medical and lifestyle expenses, structured inside and/or outside super, comprehensive cover that you can be confident will pay a benefit when needed.

The first meeting is at our expense, providing you with a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your current situation, identify what’s important to you and explore some of the strategy options and choices available to you.

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