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September 20, 2016
Maureen Johnson

Your Trash is Your Treasure

According to Caitlin Fitzsimmons’s recent media article, 2016’s annual Second Hand Economy Report commissioned by Gumtree has recorded a $10 billion increase in the second hand economy, which could now be worth $40 billion.

An estimated 84million used goods changed hands in the last year.

Not surprisingly, the report found that only 1 in 10 Australians does not have anything to resell.

If you’re the one in ten you may want to re evaluate your possessions Experts believe that most households have saleable items worth an estimated $5203 just lying around.

What Sells?



*Clothing and shoes


*Electronic goods  

*Games and toys

Remember that everything should be laundered and clean and in good working order. Electronics and electrical items should be labelled and a power board should be available to allow buyers to test purchases.


Online  - on sites like Gum tree and Ebay

Local Markets – many councils have monthly markets where it is possible to set up a stall either on a regular basis or as a one off.

Car boot Markets – some councils have a weekly or monthly car boot sale where you turn up for the day, pay a one off fee, and sell items from your car boot.

Annual Bring/ Buy/ Swap days – some councils have one day a year where people can register to have a stall, or a car boot to sell items just for the day.

Garage Sales – always a favourite but you need to be well prepared.

A good clean out may be more beneficial than you think.

With a bit more money in your pocket for the year, you’ll be able to save up for that deposit for a house, or pay a little off your mortgage to release equity for investment.

Our brokers Nathan Smith and Peter Johbson can definitely help you with that.

Alternatively you could see Ciaran Davis or Kurt Prebble, our financial advisers. They will have a lot to say about paying more into your Super, or the benefits of taking out or upgrading your protection.


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