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April 01, 2015
Peter Dall

Brighten up your home

If you are planning on selling your home, be aware that a basic colour palette is appealing to potential buyers and newly painted properties that appear well maintained will increase in value.

A freshen up of the exterior of the house with a coat of paint may be all that it takes to maximise your resale potential and exude the welcoming ambiance that appeals to purchasers.

Remember that a coat of paint could include your fences which could be painted in a darker colour than the house to create a striking contrast to your garden foliage or a lighter colour than your home’s exterior to enhance the effect of the house colour.

Consider the details - create colour highlights in window, door and gutter trims, even garden furniture. 

When painting porch steps, remember that they will need to be non-slip so an additive may be added to your paint if specified by the manufacturer.

5 easy DO-IT-YOURSELF painting TIPS

  1. Use good quality paint
  2. Sand and wash surfaces – scrape loose paint if necessary
  3. Replace rotten wood – paint will not stick to it and the wood will continue to deteriorate.
  4. Use primer – new technologies often combine primer into paint to cut down on the number of required coats of paint.
  5. Combine cans of paint – this will ensure your colours match
If you feel this project is way too big for you to takle, remember to get at least 3 quotes from professional contractors and confirm that they have the required insurance covers such as Workcover and public liability to protect you and your property during the process.



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