Designing with feature walls

October 13, 2016
Naomi Dall

Have you noticed how feature walls in the garden have come back into fashion?  It has been some years since we saw these as popular as they are now, the options are infinite and they certainly do add a beautiful focal point in a garden design. 

When our land space is at a premium, we can create the illusion of more space and give our backyard a unique appearance. By using different materials to achieve the effect we want, a wall can help to blend a space with its surroundings, act as a screen, retaining wall, boundary wall, add pattern, texture and light. 

Stone walls provide warmth and texture, oiled timber panels look great, too, however it can be as simple a job as merely painting your existing fence.  You might even consider a Trompe L-oeil painting on your old brick wall. Perhaps you would like to try a wall of greenery, with living plants dotted with small hanging pot plants – or even artificial ones.

Mirrors are fabulous for creating the feeling of more space, or tricking the eye into imagining that there is more hidden beyond the wall.  Now you can purchase a ready-made cut-out panel to erect which, if you use your imagination can be amazing!  Perhaps install light boxes or mirrors behind one of these for added pizazz!

Your garden can feel completely renovated without completely redesigning your garden.

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