Happy 'FIRST HOME' buyer

September 19, 2016
Naomi Dall

This could be you! A very happy first home buyer...

'I had been looking to buy a house for the last 4 years (at least!)

Pete had been very helpful throughout this entire time always providing me with assistance and honest advice when I asked for it. He arranged for my pre-approval to be processed this year and kept me updated throughout that process. Within a matter of weeks I had found a house, put in an offer and it had been accepted! Which was all very exciting but also somewhat overwhelming and daunting as I was a first home buyer and had no idea what the next step was!

Pete guided me throughout the entire process, including discussing the contract, liaising with my conveyancer and arranging all of the paperwork that was required for the bank. My situation was definitely not the smoothest of sailing and there were a couple of "speed humps" prior to reaching settlement.

But Pete made the entire process so much easier for me, doing so much work for me behind the scenes and keeping me completely up to date with what was going on (even if the update was "there is no update" he would still be sure to make contact with me regularly).

In the end my settlement went through without any dramas and I am now happy in my new home. I could not recommend Pete more to friends, family and strangers. He was absolutely amazing and made what could have been an extremely stressful and scary process so much easier for me! I couldn't have done it without him!'


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