Mortgages and Wills

Mortgages and Wills

This is not our favourite subject, is it!  

The last thing we want to think about is our inevitable death - but have you thought about what will happen financially when you die?

Not having a will can create huge problems, including financial hardship and family conflict.

Consider protecting your loved ones from hardship and angst by preparing your will and your finances - do not leave them with the anxiety of who will pay for your mortgage and other loans without your income.  

A few simple steps will put you and your family at ease.

  • Engage a financial planner can help plot out your financial future
  • Life Insurance protection is invaluable - total and permanent disability cover and income protection are good options to protect your family.
  • Communicate the contents of your Will with your family
  • Clearly document all loans and bank accounts and credit card debt


So don't delay - handle the tough stuff and you can get back to having fun and living your life, secure in the knowledge that you have taken care of your family.

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