Preparing your home for sale

May 28, 2014
Peter Dall


The presentation of your home is critical to maximise the sale price of your home.

If you are looking for ways to give your home a facelift to enhance it's appeal and value in preparation for putting it up for sale, there are some terrific, easy and inexpensive ways to do this.


As first impressions count it is important to create an attractive external first impression and entice prospective purchasers to want to further inspect the property. 


People see the front garden as an extension of the home, so tidy it up, mow and place a few pots of colourful flowers around the entrance to add some warmth and homeliness. Prune overhanging branches and ensure that the front of the house is neat - add a coat of paint if necessary. Oh, and of course, have an obvious house number!


Once enticed inside your home, the potential purchaser will be looking for a warm, comfortable, bright and functional home. Take advantage of the natural light that your windows offer and have curtains and blinds open and windows cleaned. 


The easiest and most inexpensive way to breathe new life into a home, or change the character or mood is simply with a coat of paint - now is the time to complete any unfinished projects inside your home, touch up any trim with paint and fill any nail holes. 


Established homes tend to be cluttered and have lack of storage so de-clutter and perhaps store items away from the home temporarily.

Keep in mind that the areas that will benefit most from a lift are the kitchen, dining and living rooms.  Clear counter-tops, benches and shelves of appliances and clutter to create an open, clean look. A clutter-free, simple interior will create the maximum impact.

Remove family photos and if necessary, fill empty walls with mirrors to reflect light but don't forget to repair the nail holes in the walls!

  • POTS

Back in fashion are beautiful pot plants for filling dull corners and breathing new life into a room.


Address any smells of dampness, mould, dogs or cats - often these odours can be simply resolved by having your carpets shampooed. Ensure light globes are replaced if necessary, all mirrors are sparkling, appliances clean, curtains laundered and surfaces are dusted.  Handrails can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid or lemon-based furniture cleaner to remove years of greasy hand marks.

Well, you have addressed all of the above and maybe more - your check list is completed, your home looks fabulous!  At last, you are ready for sale...and it looks so amazing, who could resist it!

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