Reducing mortgage stress

March 20, 2014
Peter Dall

We all want to be free of our mortgage quickly.  

Did you know that there are ways to reduce your mortgage, save thousands of $ and cut years off your loan?  Lets look at 3 simple ways.....


1. By paying a small amount extra each repayment you will reduce your loan principal and save on interest.


2. Make fortnightly repayments, rather than monthly.  This equates to 13 monthly repayments over the year,  reducing your loan term by years!  


3. Make sure your are getting the best loan for your needs. There are many confusing options out there to choose from but, as your personal mortgage broker, we do the work for you  - just call Peter for a chat.

What do I do if I can't meet my repayments?

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss a solution tailored to suit your needs.  Peter is just a phone call away.

How can I avoid mortgage stress?

One of the most simple causes of mortgage stress is to be sure that you only borrow the amount you can comfortably repay - but keep in mind that life is full of challenges and changes which could alter your circumstances. As your personal mortgage broker, we can help you if your situation changes and you need to review your finances - it's easy - just give Peter a call on 0414 583 233.  





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