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July 20, 2015
Peter Dall

What are Staging Companies?  Have most of us ever heard of them? What do they do and how much do they cost? 

This is a fairly new concept in Australia – they can be called property stylists, home stagers or interior designers who provide property styling. 

You might think that your humble abode does not justify having a home stager prepare it for sale – but it is not just for high-end houses – there are many levels of staging and many options to choose from. 

It is much more that cleaning and de-cluttering, although this is the starting point. 

Your professional staging consultant will create a detailed action plan, room by room, of what needs to be done before you list your house for sale.  Included will be advice on what to store away, what to keep, the purpose of each room, where to place furniture, accessories and artwork.  They will help you chose colours, towels, linen and much more. 

Furniture and accessories can also be hired to make your property as appealing as possible to your potential buyers and hopefully to sell for the best price. At the time that this article was written, in July, 2015, a typical 4 bedroom house in Brisbane recently cost $5K to fully furnish and decorate with hired furnishings, for a period of 8 weeks.

So, with a little more idea of what a stylist is, do you think you can tackle it yourself? There are several books available to whet your appetite – ‘Home staging for dummies’ is a good place to start.  Browse the internet for more titles.

Keep in mind that you have an emotional attachment to your home – you find its smells and décor comforting. But who are your prospective buyers and what are they looking for?

With that in mind, highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

Make a ‘to do’ list of repairs – all of those annoying little jobs you always put off doing need to be done now, from new cabinet handles to painting. It may help to have an objective eye to help you see your home as a prospective purchaser, in the form of a close friend or relative – someone whom you trust and you will not become cranky with when, for better or worse, you hear their appraisal!

If you have a room that serves as a junk room, you can add value to your home if you repurpose it – try clearing it out and adding an armchair, a throw and some matching cushions and keep it simple.

If a room lacks light, increase the wattage of your globes, and introduce a table and free standing lamp if nothing else.

To make a small room appear bigger, paint the walls the same colour as your drapery, perhaps a sunporch will look more inviting by painting it a suitable green to bring in the colour of nature and paint adjacent rooms the same colour to create the feel of one big space. That lovely strong coloured feature wall that you adore could actually be a negative so consider painting it in a soft neutral colour to match the rest of the room.

For maximum effect with accessories and artwork, group in 3’s to create more eye appeal – oh, and ALWAYS remove those family portraits to allow a potential buyer to imagine their own belongings and family living there.

Any rooms that you spend the most time in are worth the effort to stage well. And it goes without saying - clean, clean, clean!!

So, you are on the road to selling your house and it is going to look fabulous, so try hard to keep it that way, just for the next few weeks until it is sold – after all, now that all the jobs are finally done, who could resist such a wonderful home?


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