Top 5 questions to ask your mortgage broker

April 23, 2014
Jason Coviello

Make the most out of your first meeting with your mortgage broker.



One thing our North Perth mortgage customers know is that the right mortgage broker can be worth their weight in gold.


To make sure you’re talking to the right broker there are 5 questions that you should make sure you ask.




1.  How will the broker decide which loan best suits your personal situation?


You want to make sure the broker is acting in your best interests.


If the broker can’t give you a straight answer to this question and is in a rush to gather your personal information and make a recommendation, it’s a sure fire sign they may not be assessing all the available options.




2.  How much of a deposit do you really need to obtain a loan?


Among our Mortgage Choice North Perth clients, we find this is a popular question.


A good broker will tell you how much your deposit should be to purchase the property you are looking for and cover any costs along the way.




3.  What fees will you be charged when taking out the loan?


Your broker should be able to tell you about all the fees that will be involved in setting up your loan.


Also, don’t forget to ask if there are any ongoing fees for offset accounts or any other added extras on the loan.





4.  Can you make extra repayments?


At Mortgage Choice North Perth our customers love to make extra repayments on their loans whenever possible.


Make sure to ask your broker if the loan allows extra repayments without penalty, because any extra repayments should mean you can pay back the loan faster.





5.  How is the broker paid?


Our Perth mortgage customers know that we are paid the same no matter which lender they choose from our panel of lenders.


If you ask your broker how they are paid it will give you an insight into why they may be recommending one product over another.




To make sure you are getting the answers to the questions you have, call me at Mortgage Choice North Perth today on 0402 252 150 or email me at

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