A Fountain of Smart

November 27, 2012
Maureen Johnson

Mortgage Choice at Sutherland puts out an Aframe every day with humerous quotes to make people smile. The board is so popular, many people detour so they can pass it.

Today's quote, though amusing, made us think.

"We've got enough youth. What about a fountain of smart?"


Despite recent media reports that many people are not buying their first place until they are in their 40s, we still meet a lot of parents eager to assist their 20-something children to purchase their own home.

Usually they have many questions about deposits, the implications of going on titles, the update on First Home Owners Grants, first homes as investment properties and the general process of buying a first home.

Some parents even come in before their child is ready to purchase to discuss what's involved in advance. At that time we are happy to talk about savings plans and budgets and remind all involved about the importance of not having too many credit checks on record.

Education is very important to us. The smart people begin their research into property investment early

If you are in this situation and think we can help, contact us on 029521 1611.

Like Stephanie Chandler from Hillsdale, we're certain you'll be happy with our service.

"Excellent service. Very helpful,friendly and professional. No question was too hard. I

always got prompt responses to my questions." S Chandler 27/11/2012

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