Amazing $50K Givaway

September 08, 2015
Maureen Johnson

In breaking news Mortgage Choice has just launched a fabulous new initiative to give one lucky client $50k worth of luck.
If you settle a loan for at least $150k between August 31st 2015 - Jan 31st 2016
you will be automatically entered in the draw for $50K cash.
 $50,000 could help you renovate your home
$50,000 could help you consolidate deb
$50,000 could help you get your deposit together for an investment property.
$50,000 could help you save $interest if made in a lump sum payment.
OR maybe you'd spend it on something completely different?
We'd love to know what.
Here's hoping one of our Sutherland / Cronulla clients win. That will be something to celebrate. Good luck to all. Call us on 9521 1611 if you have any questions.
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