MC CEO John Flavell does his bit.

June 23, 2015
Maureen Johnson

Homeless not Hopeless

As a small business that constantly knows the joy of seeing people achieve their dream homes with our help, the current statistics from the ABS Census of Housing and Population about homelessness in Australia truly horrify us.

There are currently 105,237 homeless people in Australia.

In NSW the number is now 28,190 (40.8 people per 10,000) a 20.4% rise since 2006.


How Old Are They

  • Under 12 17% (17,845)
  • 12-18 10% (10,913)
  • 19-24 15% (15,325)
  • 25-34 18% (19,312)
  • 35-44 14% (14,484)
  • 45-54 12% (12,507)
  • 55-64 8% (8,649)
  • 65-74 4% (4,174)
  • 75 and over 2% (2,028)

The shocking number of under 12s who fall into the homeless classification alone, highlights the fact that many of Australia’s homeless have little or no control over their circumstances and are in desperate need of empathy, support and real solutions. Groups like the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul do the best of jobs in raising awareness and providing assistance.

It was heartening therefore to see our Mortgage Choice CEO, John Flavell participate in the 2015 Vinnies CEO Sleepout Challenge last week and our pleasure at MC at Sutherland to sponsor him in his mission to draw attention to the situation. The MC network raised $8,286.80 in total.

More than this, he has made the team at Sutherland really think about the stats. A whopping 42 percent of Australia's homeless are between the ages of 12 -24. As parents, god parents and aunts and uncles we find this figure absolutely heart breaking and want to do more. We're proud to announce therefore that from the beginning of the new financial year we will donate $3 from every homeloan written at MC at Sutherland to Fr Chris Riley's Youth Off the Streets charity. Watch this space for regular updates as we aim for our $1000 target.

It may be a drop in the ocean of what it will take to eradicate homelessness in such a wealthy, fortunate country as ours, but it’s a start. And each dollar brings a little bit of hope for the future.       


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