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June 19, 2014
Maureen Johnson

Busy Making Other Plans?

Never have John Lennon's observations about life been more significant to the team at MC at Sutherland than this week, when we united with MC at Gymea to  cook 100 meals for the parents and families currently living at Ronald Macdonald House in Randwick last Tuesday night.

Illness and trauma don't care how busy you are. They visit regardless. Indiscriminately.

Not one of the people we spoke to on Tuesday night had planned on spending time in a children's hospital.

It was an honour to be able to provide a home cooked meal for stressed families. We left in awe of their resilience and with a renewed perspective of what matters in life.

People. Relationships. Family.

We're even more determined to make sure you are empowered to make educated decisions about your financial wellbeing so you can concentrate on what matters... in sickness and in health.

MC at Sutherland and MCFP at Sutherland. We'll get busy on your future.

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