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October 25, 2016
Maureen Johnson

Why Choose a Mortgage Choice Broker.

A recent UBS survey of more than 1,200 mortgage holders who have taken a loan out in the past two years has found that 28% fudged their applications.
Apparently 41% of those who secured a mortgage through a broker said their broker encouraged them to misstate information in the application.

If in Doubt Choose Mortgage Choice

There's no doubt the banking and finance industry in Australia has been allowed to run its own race for far too long but while the media loves to throw a monthly horror story at the public - especially on a slow news day - it seems to be largely silent on the fact that recent , frequent and recurring compliance procedures are being put in place industry wide. 

No one is more aware or these than Mortgage Choice. Our brokers are paid the same - that is Mortgage Choice brokers are paid the same flat rate commission regardless of the lenders chosen by their customers. The services you get from them in the six week period of securing a home loan and beyond is at no cost to you.

Mortgage Choice brokers believe in giving you better choices for a better life so they will consider all available lenders and let you choose. 

Mortgage Choice is also a highly compliant organisation at every level and every step of the loan process. Its brokers have rigourous compliance processes and procedures in place to protect all involved and these are constantly updated.

For real peace of mind when looking around for a broker, don't settle for anyone less than a Mortgage Choice broker. 


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