Sydney Property Prices

May 31, 2015
Maureen Johnson

Overheard a conversation in Sydney last week in a coffee shop where two young men were discussing property in Sydney.

"I'll be lucky to afford to buy her a dog house at this rate."

Assume he was talking about his wife and not his beagle but it's true that house prices in Sydney have gone through the proverbial roof of late.

Often people have a good idea of how much they can borrow, especially if they've  spoken directly to a lender and it's this figure that determines the properties they chase.

In the current market however many buyers are disappointed time and again because it is easy to lose a dream home to someone who is prepared to pay a little bit more than your limit. An easy way to prevent this happening is to really research your full borrowing capacity. Your Mortgage Choice broker has access to over 25 of Australia’s top lenders and can easily calculate the range of your borrowing capacity. Having some room to play may just help you seal the deal.

If you pay Peter or Nathan a visit you may be able to avoid the dog house.


Alas the brokers at Sutherland can do nothing for you if you end up there anyway for buying your partner a household appliance on a special occasion .

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