Ten Top Tips for Investing

November 28, 2013
Maureen Johnson

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1.  Read and really research readily.  

2. Always know how much you can safely invest with.

3 Never try to catch a falling knife

4. Buying Low and selling high is as difficult as winning a lottery unless you’ve done your research.

5.It’s different this time!...sort of…perhaps…not really. Learn from mistakes.

6. Investors have no control over stock markets – (sometimes a generalisation is true).

SEVEN Be consistent in your investment portfolio. Don’t let emotional judgment cloud your thoughts.

8. Wise investors can change course easily…people who know what they are talking about invest in a variety of things. Savvy investors keep their options open. Knowledgeable investors don’t panic.

9. Is not greed the Achilles Heel of the Investor?

10 Thousands of Australians take up millions of investment opportunities so they can build their wealth to enormous proportions for a massively long, joyous retirement. Consider planning for your retirement through investment.

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