Trumpeteering - and Australia

November 21, 2016
Maureen Johnson





“Trump Elected is a Disaster for Australia”

“Commercial Real Estate Will Fall in Value”

 “A Growing Sense of Alienation for Australia”

“Australia Has Only Seen the Start of the Trump Affect”

“Australians Should Be Deeply Concerned”


Just a tiny selection of the scaremonger headings that have appeared in the Australian media and on the internet since America’s brain freeze in electing a reality TV star with no political experience as the Leader of the Free World.

And in true reality TV style our new Leader of the Free World is also allegedly about to face legal issues involving fraud and sexual assault next month, although the details of these have mysteriously disappeared from the press.

 As citizens of the Free World, MC and MCFP clients have naturally been curious about what all the Trumpeteering in the US in Australia means for them.

 Sadly while anyone in a position to speculate has done so, most of the noise in the last fortnight has been just that: speculation.

No one is quite sure what Donald Trump will do, including the man himself if his campaign record is anything to go by.

So our take is:  tune out for now.

 If and when a knock on effect trickles Down Under there will be plenty of other headlines to alert you.

 At that point you can only turn to the real experts in your life – the ones you trust to advise you on your home loans, investment portfolio, super cover, protection.

 Call Mortgage Choice brokers and planners. It’s our job to help you make better choices for a better life while Leaders of the Free World come and go. 



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