When Computer Says , 'No.'

January 20, 2015
Maureen Johnson

There is regular debate in the world of financial services these days about the importance of new technology. Many argue that the increasing availability of online portals, skype and social media will eventually facilitate the process of acquiring a homeloan or a financial planning strategy thus making the financial services professional almost redundant.

Recent research by State Super Financial Services however indicates that 80% of Australians surveyed are still very much aware of the fact that computers often like to say 'No.'.

Whether it's down to lack of experise by the user, or an inequality in access to sophisticated technology and high speed internet, the reality for many people is that technology frequently malfunctions at the worst possible times and we all know how frustrating that can be. It's no surprise therefore that when it comes to making imortant life changing decisions about debt and protection of wealth, the findings show that we still like face-to-face advice.

That's what you get here at MC @ Sutherland, and superior customer service. And for those 47% of people who said that they are happy to use technology channels to maintain their relationships with brokers and advisers AFTER a relationship has been established, you'll be pleased to know that our computers usually do what they're told.

Happy New Year from Mortgage Choice at Sutherland. 

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