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Peter Johnson

Looking for Financial Security

Do I need to be buying a house to speak to a Financial Planner? 


With all the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 there's never been a better time to get expert advice on your finances. 


Australia is one of the most underinsured countries in the developed world, which is startling considering how prone the climate it to severe weather patterns.  

 In 2005 IFSA research found that Aussie families were drastically underinsured by $1.37 trillion and that figure has grown.

Less than 10% of the population with dependents has adequate levels of Life Insurance and even less has taken steps to insure their most important asset – the ability to earn an income.  

In fact, our cars and our pets are often better insured than we are.  

Perhaps the wealth of sunshine, natural beauty, economic prosperity, the fact that we live in peace and have a working welfare system makes Australians complacent. We are lucky people in a lucky country.  

However... the fact is that serious illness will befall 1 in 3 Australians in their working life, not to mention those unpredictable accidents that can happen to even the most careful family. To cope, many of us rely on savings, selling assets or the welfare system.  

That’s less than ideal.  

Mortgage Choice believes that while you can’t predict life’s curve balls, you can definitely plan your finances to withstand them.  

You don’t take a trip without an itinerary and a sat nav, so your life journey should be just as coordinated.  

As you make the most expensive purchase of your life, a Mortgage Choice financial planner offers you direction and protection.

Because we're so committed to you and your financial wellbeing we'll cover the cost of your first consultation with our financial planners, Ciaran Davis and Matthew Staples.

They will listen to your needs and goals and advise on the most suitable short term, midterm and long term ways of achieving them.

The benefits won’t just be immediate – they could be generational.

Contact us today.

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