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Is Your Property Journey Taking You To Heathcote?


Heathcote  is a popular suburb in Sydney, located 36 km south of Sydney's CBD. It's bordered by Engadine and Waterfall and sits within two national parks - The Royal national park to the east and Heathcote national park to the west.

It's kilometres is separated into two halves by the railway line.

Heathcote East has two of the schools and the sports oval, while the West houses the majority of the residential population.

Originally known as Bottle Forest it started life in 1882 with 14 allotments. Heathcote railway station opened in 1846 and the small suburb began to grow. At the 2016 census, the population of the suburb was recorded as 6,013. 

More importantly, it's reputed to have the best fish and chips in the Shire.

Some Interesting facts about Heathcote:
    • Heathcote  is 25.2 square kilometres
    • 87% of its total area is covered by 10 parks
    • The predominant age group in Heathcote is 40-49 years
    • The workforce is mostly professional.
    • The majority of householders are families with kids.
    • The average mortgage repayment in Heathcote is likely to be between $3000 - $3999 a month.


    • currently lists the following information for house prices: 

  •  And the following Unit prices:


  • According to the latest data from REA the mix of Heathcote residents is as follows:

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