Feeling ripped off by your lender?

November 30, 2016
Peter Reynolds

You've had your home loan with the same bank for years and never missed a payment. You haven't taken a lot of notice that your current variable rate is sitting at 5.2% or 5.3% with an $8 monthly fee.


It's not that the bank has intentionally "ripped you off" with a crummy loan - in many cases it may be because you originally had a discounted home loan, or it's an older-style product, or you previously had a fixed rate which reverted back to a standard variable rate after the fixed rate had expired.


I have had many examples - just in the last 6 months - where I have been able to arrange an "internal refinance" for clients (i.e stay with the same bank, and pay out the old home loan with a new home loan) while getting a lower interest rate with no monthly fees from that same bank, because the client had simply been "sitting" on an older-style loan or a standard variable loan.


Perhaps it's time to get your head out of the sand and take a look at your existing home loan, particularly if you've had the same loan for a while. Then contact me and I'll look at whether it's worth your while to refinance, either to a new lender or possibly with your current lender.


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